As depicted in the Figure, the trolley is meant to be a 2D mapping platform compared to the backpack. The figure shows a deprecated version with an old sensor rig. It holds the following sensors and hardware:

  • Horizontally mounted Velodyne HDL-32E
  • Vertically mounted Velodyne VLP-16
  • Xsens MTi-10 IMU
  • Ricoh Theta V 360° 4k-Camera
  • Nvidia Jetson Nano
  • Netgear ProSafe 8 Port Gigabit Switch
  • XTPower MP-32000 Powerbank
  • 12V power divider for LiDARs and Switch

The video shows a quick SLAM run of an indoor space. The mapping is much faster due to the reduced DoF compared to the backpacks.