Backpack v2 point clouds

The backpack has been used to create indoor point clouds.

Using the installed 360° camera, the point clouds have color (RGB) information in addition to the intensity readings from the LiDAR.

For the master thesis, 3 point clouds have been conducted:

  • The second floor of the Fraunhofer FOKUS building, located in Berlin, Germany. It can be viewed here
  • All accessible rooms of within the second floor of the FOKUS building. It can be viewed here
  • The DCAITI (4th floor of the TEL building of the TU-Berlin), located in Berlin, Germany.

The available point clouds haven been downsampled to 2cm resolution before semantic labeling. The different classes can be visualized inside the Potree viewer.

Below Xray images of the ASCT point cloud are shown.

Below Xray images of the E2 point cloud are shown.